The Fairy Houses of Point Richmond [Teaser Alert: 34 Pictures!]

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4 min readMay 23, 2021


A fun trip for all is the village of miniature fairy houses in Point Richmond. Here’s the address to start: 304 Washington Avenue, Richmond, CA 94801 (it’s where Washington intersects with Nicholl Avenue right near downtown Point Richmond).

Teaser-alert! I’m including all of the pictures of the fairy houses we saw below!

ps: If you want another fantastical adventure, check out The Troll Hike on the Bridgeview Trail in Oakland!

But, after our visit (March 13, 2021), I learned there’s a whole community of miniature fairy house lovers around the world. And not all of them can make it to Point Richmond. So that’s why I’m including the pics below: for those who can’t make it!

There’s a definite welcoming vibe to the fairy houses in Point Richmond. The Fairy House builders want you to see their art!
You’ll notice that many of the Point Richmond fairy houses have addresses with fractions (e.g. 410 1/3). The addresses are accurate (e.g. the one above is on the 400 block of Washington Avenue!)
It took me about 10 fairy houses before I realized that the doors to most of them open! (my son figured this out after the first fairy house!)
We started to realize that this little fairy land village has not just homes but miniature post offices and other things a community needs!)
Here’s a miniature fairy music store!
Our son couldn’t stop playing with this miniature fairy house that had a pebble driveway
Th is is a miniature fairy house library. Note: This is not one of those mini-libraries that many people build. Those books you see above are tiny…just a couple of inches tall!)
Miniature fairy school house!
Sorry for the horrible pic on this one. I’m guessing this is a fairy house ice plunge/pool?
Even fairies have to use the bathoom
Cool fairy garden house in which succulents wrap the structure of the hosue.
Miniature fairy hardware store!
Those are miniature recycling/garbage bins! Just a couple of inches tall!

Coffee & Food When Visiting Fairy Houses in Point Richmond

There are lots of awesome eateries in Point Richmond. We had coffee at Kaleidoscope Coffee (109 Park Pl, Richmond, CA 94801) before the Fairy House tour:

Kaleidoscope outdoor deck
Kaleidoscope has a cool funky outside lawn area too

And we at at the Up & Under (2 W Richmond Ave., Point Richmond, CA 94801).

Up & Under BBQ Smoker!
BBQ Brisket



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