Terrapin Crossroads Day Trip (welcome “back”, Phil!)

3 Stages to See Music!

There are 3 places to see music at Terrapin Crossroads: The Backyard, The Terrapin Crossroads Bar and The Grate Room:

Stage #1: The Backyard

The New Year’s Day show we attended was Phil Lesh with Stu Allen and Lebo (Dan Lebowitz), multi-instrumentalist Jason Crosby and drummer John Molo.

Stu Allen , Phil Lesh and Lebo (Dan Lebowitz)

The Backyard is Super Family-Friendly

We were amazed how family-friendly Terrapin Crossroads is. There’s this ship-like play structure towards the rear of the Backyard:

A view of Terrapin Crossroad’s Backyard Stage from the very back (behind the outside bar and, yes, those are bocce ball courts)

Food to Eat During the Backyard Shows

There’s a ton to eat if you’re attending the Backyard shows. They have a food truck set up outside and we had the Fish Tacos ($14).

Pic of a Terrapin Crossroads pizza from Alesis G of Rodeo, CA
  • Fish N’ Chips ($19)
  • Carnitas Tacos ($14)
  • Fried Chicken ($19)
  • Burgers ($15 to $17)
  • Vegan/Vegetarian-friendly items like Tempura Cauliflower ($9), Creamy Hummus ($15); Vegetable Buddha Bowl and Vegetable Fried Rice ($17)
  • Gluten-Free? — I didn’t see anything highlighted “Gluten Free”

Stage #2: The Bar/ Restaurant

There are also bands that play “Bar Shows” during the day, afternoon and night. The Bar is inside and here’s a band that was playing the day we were seeing Phil in the Backyard:

  • 12:30pm
  • 4:20pm
  • 6:45pm
  • 7:30pm

Stage #3: The Grate Room

The biggest stage at Terrapin Crossroads is the Grate Room (“Grate”ful Dead — get it? I’m a Deadhead and it took me a few months to get the connection. :)

Phil Lesh & Friends performing at Terrapin Crossroads Dec. 6 2013. (left to right) Jimmy Herring, John Molo, Warren Haynes, Phil Lesh and Neal Casal. Dec. 11, 2013; Source: SaltyBoatr

Tip: if a Backyard Stage show is sold out…

You might want to try eating at the restaurant and ask to sit out on the patio. If there is a band playing on the Backyard Stage that day you can hear and see the music from most of the patio. Here’s a photo from the patio looking at the Backyard Stage. You can’t enter the Backyard area but you’re only about 50 yards away and there’s a speaker about 50 feet away.

A view of the Backyard Stage from The Patio

Things to Do Next Time

Next time we go we’d like to try a lot more of the food.

I have no idea where this leads to…I’ll walk through the door next time!



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