Stinson Beach Day Trip (w/Pelican Inn brunch)

Parkside Cafe

We started off with some caffeine and snacks from the Parkside Cafe by the beach. We grabbed a soy latte, chai latte and some fruit pastries. All were super-yummy. You can eat inside or outside at the Parkside and they have a walk-up counter to grab something to-go!

The Beach at Stinson Beach

We then headed towards the beach over a ramp to the right of Parkside Care. The first thing you’ll notice about Stinson Beach is how long the beach is (about 3.5 miles).

Does Stinson Beach allow bonfires?

Stinson Beach does not allow bonfires but they do have some public-use grills in the parking lot and other folks (like these 2 guys below) set up their own grill right on the beach.

The Pelican Inn

On our way home we stopped off at one of our favorite venues for eating and drinking: The Pelican Inn (The Pelican Inn is right off Highway 1 (address: 10 Pacific Way Muir Beach, California 94965). It’s next to another public beach: Muir Beach (the one that allows bonfires!).

Things to Do Next Time in Stinson Beach

Destination Stinson

This looked like a super-cool store (“upcycled” denim) but it wasn’t open when we there. Sacred Tide is inside it too. Address: 3488 Shoreline Highway, Stinson Beach, California 94970.

Slide Ranch

We caught site of this cool-looking ranch (pictured below in a last minute photo we took from the car as we left Stinson Beach). We later learned that Slide Ranch has 134 acres of coastal land open to individuals and families every day from dawn to dusk for hiking, picnicking and self-guided visits. Free admission!



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Maverick Kelly’s 52 Day Trips

Maverick Kelly’s 52 Day Trips

Hi! I’m Maverick. My mommy, daddy & me are on a mission to take 52 day trips around the San Francisco Bay Area! Thx for joining in the fun!