Rock City at Mount Diablo [Bouldering, Wind Caves, RC Cars!]

Rock City Mt Diablo is a geological wonder at the top of Mt Diablo. It’s a bunch of rocks you can easily hike around with “wind caves” to duck into.

We decided to drive instead of take the 6 mile hike (we had a 6-year old). Here’s the address: S Gate Rd, Danville, CA 94506. There’s plenty of bathrooms and areas to picnic..

The Trails are nice and easy. We focused on the “Trail Through Time” trail…

…and our 6-year old cruised right through:

Here’s one of the wind caves:

This rock was huge (check out the people on top for perspective).

We went on a hot day. But the beauty is that you can get shade just about anywhere because of the size of the rocks. And the rocks were nice and cool to lay on:

Sentinel Rock

There’s this standalone rock called Sentinel Rock with guard rails to climb up.

RC Cars Climbing Rocks

We stumbled across some guys getting their remote-controlled cars to climb up the rocks. I asked one how much an RC car like that cost and he said $1,000.

Would we go back to Rock City? Absolutely! Enjoy!



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Maverick Kelly’s 52 Day Trips

Maverick Kelly’s 52 Day Trips

Hi! I’m Maverick. My mommy, daddy & me are on a mission to take 52 day trips around the San Francisco Bay Area! Thx for joining in the fun!