Rancho Siempre Verde (Christmas Trees, Marshmallows, Swings, and more)!

Toasted Marshmallows

Tractor Ride through the Christmas Trees!

We heard there was a free tractor ride. We asked Rancho Siempre Verde family member Jake (the bigger guy in the driver’s seat below) if he’d take us for a ride…and he obliged!

Make Your Own Wreath!

Here’s one of the Rancho Siempre Verde workers showing us a wreath she made:

A Cool Slide for Kids

Lots of Swings (for adults too!)!

Rancho Siempre Verde has at least 7 tree-swings that I noticed:

Things to Do Next Time at Rancho Siempre Verde

We didn’t do everything on our visit (we got hungry!). Next time we plan to:

  • Try more of the swings
  • Explore the Hay Bale Maze (in the background of pic above)
  • Walk through the rear part of the property (we didn’t include photos of that area)
  • Check out the Yelp Reviews Rancho Siempre Verde for more ideas of what to do there
  • Note: It appears that Rancho Siempre Verde also allows little events/parties (you can see it in the background of the pic above). We’ll have to crash the party next time!

Eating on the Way Home (Driving North)

Riding North on Highway 1 is worth it even if you didn’t have a destination:

Lunch at Duarte’s

We stopped off at the famous Duarte’s in Pescadero for lunch. An Oakland biker gang of about 15 people soon joined us. I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised given that we were eating in the bar:

Tapas in Half Moon Bay

In 2021, we ate lunch at https://www.evangelinecuisine.com/ in Half Moon Bay. The food and service were outstanding. Here are the 3 dishes we at:



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Maverick Kelly’s 52 Day Trips

Maverick Kelly’s 52 Day Trips

Hi! I’m Maverick. My mommy, daddy & me are on a mission to take 52 day trips around the San Francisco Bay Area! Thx for joining in the fun!