Pirate BBQ and “Burning Man” on the Beach [Point San Pablo Harbor, CA]

Black Star Pirate BBQ

The “anchor” venue(pun intended!) at Point San Pablo Harbor is the Black Star Pirate BBQ (this used to be Nobilis Restaurant).

The entrance to Black Star Pirate BBQ in Point San Pablo, CA .
That’s “Captain” Tony Carraccii who owns Black Star Pirate BBQ with Suzie Vasko.
There’s a sunny place to sit…
…but we say inside for more shade (all tables have a view of the harbor)
Get there on the early side / You order your food first (before seating) and the lines often get long. — There was a story in the San Francisco Chronicle April 9, 2021 that created a big buzz.

Black Star Menu

We ordered the BBQ sampler (brisket, ribs and pulled pork)
The “Veggie Sampler” (beans, cole slaw, mushrooms, mac and cheese and potatoes)
They have plenty of wine and beer (no cocktails)

Black Star Live Music

Black Star has live music on a regular basis. Their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/blackstarpiratebbq/) seems the best place to go to see who’s playing. We watched this fun duo play some classic rock/R&B.

Here’s the inside of Black Star — it’s got tons of character.
Captain Tony the Pirate showed us his rings (I asked)

Giant Burning Man Art & Sculptures

There are a handful of fun sculptures to explore including this giant crocodile:

The Beach and House Boats

If you walk behind the Black Star Pirate BBQ (towards the house boats), you’ll go by a small beach:

Fish cleaning station at Point San Pablo Harbor

Bonus Oasis

If you keep walking past all the houseboats, there’s a nice couple of spots to sit…



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