Charles Schultz Museum (Large Snoopys, Studio and Ice Rink!)

Charles Schultz Museum in Santa Rosa, CA

Big, Fun Statues

There are tons of statues inside and outside the museum:

Charlie Brown Statue in front of Charles Schultz Museum

Charles Schultz Studio

My favorite part of the museum was seeing Schultz’s studio (where he drew):

Quotes by Charles Schultz

The museum has a handful of quotes by Schultz like these:

Charles Schultz quotes are found throughout the Charles M. Schultz Museum in Santa Rosa, CA


There’s a fun theatre at the museum that runs Peanuts cartoons:

Labrynth the Shape of Snoopy’s Head

Outdside the museum is a labyrinth the shape of Snoopy’s head:


Ice Rink Across the Street

Schultz was a hockey player and so the museum has an ice skating rink (called Redwood Empire Ice Arena) across the street

Tip: Check the calendar ahead of time for special events

Make sure to check out the Schultz Museum Calendar. Today, we lucked out. Liza Donnelly, a cartoonist from New York Magazine, was here signing here book: Very Funny Ladies: The New Yorker’s Women Cartoonists. It was free…part of the Schultz Museum experience — they are cool like this.



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Maverick Kelly’s 52 Day Trips

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