Brooklyn Basin in Oakland: Waterfront Bike & Skating (+ Rocky’s & Nido’s Backyard for food+drinks)

Brooklyn Basin is a fun place for anyone of any age to spend a day. It’s got plenty of “beautiful view” space to walk, sit, read, roller-skate and bike or scoot. And it’s got yummy food and clean bathrooms.

Address: 288 9th Ave, Oakland, CA 94606.

Roller skaters often hang out in this one pocket:

Here’s a view from the far end of Brooklyn Basin looking East. The Brooklyn Basin building is off in the distance and Coast Guard Island is on the right. New condos are going in on the left.

And here’s a view looking West:

Eat and Drink at Rocky’s

The only place open for food/drink right now is Rocky’s Market. Good thing it’s yummy!

There’s a nice outdoor area with picnic tables to eat at (or you could go to the numerous benches or lawn outside the Rocky’s dining area.

The Future Vision of Brooklyn Basin

Brooklyn Basin is an ongoing project. Check out

NIDO’s Backyard

If you want to do an extra set of cocktails or lunch or dinner then NiDO’s Backyard is a great place to go (thx, Heidi!).

The space consists of old shipping containers:

They’re all sorts of different pockets of this bar and restaurant:

And tons of colorful people:

And yummy food and drinks:



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Maverick Kelly’s 52 Day Trips

Maverick Kelly’s 52 Day Trips

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